[asterisk-users] is there some blocking in 11.21.0

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.co.uk
Thu Jan 21 13:13:39 CST 2016

In article <CABr8-B5ejk4Q5tfU4hYGpgq=0pp=rXUKz+fCUesEeNQimmKgxw at mail.gmail.com>,
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com> wrote:
> >Not really. Very little info to go on so far. You need to give us
> >more detail of what you are doing with AGI and AMI.
> Sorry - let me try again...
> I am basically doing the following:
> 1) calling a phone SIP/401 upon answer run an AGI for voice prompts etc...
> to select AUDIO groups
> 2) when done setup to return to the dialplan - exit AGI
> 3) issue AGI that calls those groups selected (SIP/430 & SIP/431) at the
> moment to bring into a conference.
> 4) Wait 10 seconds
> 5) jump SIP/401 into conference
> 6) speak live to endpoints.
> However my issue is such that step 3 above "seems" to block until after
> step 5.
> My Manager AMI connection reports success in step 3:
> 21-Jan-16 01:02 pm asterisk_pa_list() manager_str Action: Originate[CR ][LF
> ]Async: Yes[CR ][LF ]Channel: SIP/430[CR ][LF ] (truncated)
> 21-Jan-16 01:02 pm asterisk_pa_list() manager_str return Response:
> Success[CR ][LF ]Message: Originate successfully queued[CR ][LF ][CR ][LF ]
> I was expecting the jump into conference from step 3 to go ahead and do the
> request - not wait till after step 5.
> Does this help? What am I not doing right so the calls in step 3 happen WAY
> before the 10 seconds is complete?

The problem we have is you are asking us to debug a description. That's
usually almost impossible. Much easier to debug code, as it may or may not
match your description! So we can offer more insight if you include
information such as:

1. Relevant section of your dialplan.
2. The AGI code that does the origination. Presumably it is calling the AMI?
   In your example above, the Originate AMI has a Channel, but doesn't show
   any Context, Extension and Priority. Where is the channel supposed to go
   once the call to SIP/430 is answered?
3. The Asterisk "full" log, with at least verbose level 3, encompassing
   your attempt.
4. Anything else that you yourself would need to look at to debug the issue.


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