[asterisk-users] is there some blocking in 11.21.0

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Thu Jan 21 12:14:11 CST 2016

>Not really. Very little info to go on so far. You need to give us
>more detail of what you are doing with AGI and AMI.

Sorry - let me try again...

I am basically doing the following:
1) calling a phone SIP/401 upon answer run an AGI for voice prompts etc...
to select AUDIO groups
2) when done setup to return to the dialplan - exit AGI
3) issue AGI that calls those groups selected (SIP/430 & SIP/431) at the
moment to bring into a conference.
4) Wait 10 seconds
5) jump SIP/401 into conference
6) speak live to endpoints.

However my issue is such that step 3 above "seems" to block until after
step 5.

My Manager AMI connection reports success in step 3:
21-Jan-16 01:02 pm asterisk_pa_list() manager_str Action: Originate[CR ][LF
]Async: Yes[CR ][LF ]Channel: SIP/430[CR ][LF ] (truncated)
21-Jan-16 01:02 pm asterisk_pa_list() manager_str return Response:
Success[CR ][LF ]Message: Originate successfully queued[CR ][LF ][CR ][LF ]

I was expecting the jump into conference from step 3 to go ahead and do the
request - not wait till after step 5.

Does this help? What am I not doing right so the calls in step 3 happen WAY
before the 10 seconds is complete?

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