[asterisk-users] Segmentation Fault Asterisk 13.7.0-rc2 (libmysqlclient?)

Matthew Murphy mrmdev at outlook.com
Tue Jan 19 07:49:07 CST 2016

I compiled Asterisk 13.5.0 (and 13.7.0-rc2), PJproject 2.4.5, and DAHDI 2.11.0 from source. I am using Debian 8.2 and mysql is version 5.5.46.

This is a recent problem and when we went back to 13.5.0 and started seeing the issue, we started thinking that mysql must have updated and caused the problem. I think you are spot-on with your analysis.

I will do a little experimentation with mysql and see if I can isolate where the problem started.


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On Monday 18 Jan 2016, Matthew Murphy wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am getting a segmentation fault (seems to occur randomly) using Asterisk
> 13.7.0-rc2 with PJProject 2.4.5. It appears to be something that
> libmysqlclient is complaining about when doing a query in
> ps_endpoint_id_ips. We are using Asterisk Realtime. This also seems to
> occur in Asterisk 13.5.0.

Which bits did you compile from Source Code yourself, and which bits  (if any)
are precompiled by your distribution?  What is your libmysqlclient version?

If you are using some sort of Ubuntu / Debian-based distribution, could it
possibly have done a sneaky `apt-get upgrade` behind your back?


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