[asterisk-users] I think this is a bug (video call file) 11.25.1 and 13.13.1

ian gilmour ian.gilmour.x at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 02:16:12 CST 2016

Hi Jerry,

You don't say how you created the video file?

Asterisk video support is v. basic. It can only playback video it created
using it's own specific file format for the video file. In general you
cannot use it to playback videos created by 3rd party tools.

What does work (if you have asterisk configured correctly)....

Invoke Asterisk Record() from a video capable sip client (e.g.
linphone/jitsi should work fine here) and which is configured to support
audio&video. Make a call. Asterisk will create the audio file and an
accompanying video file  (e.g. .h264) in the same directory. Now invoke
Asterisk Playback() to play the files back. If the SIP client and Asterisk
negotiate the same video codec that was used to record the initial call
then Asterisk will play back both audio+video streams.

Note: Asterisk does no video transcoding.

Note: If video plays back at the wrong speed it's possibly a result of


On 21/12/2016 00:01, Jerry Geis wrote:

>Hi Jerry,
> just had a look through the code, and from what I can tell, what
>you're trying to do is not supposed to work, exactly. It appears that
>what Asterisk expects is to be given a filename, such as "myplayback".
>Asterisk will first search for an audio version of the file (like
>myplayback.gsm or myplayback.opus), and open that as an audio stream. If
>that succeeds, it then will also see if there is an accompanying video
>stream (such as myplayback.h264). If it then finds that video, then the
>result will be that Asterisk will play the audio from the audio file and
>the video from the video file.

>What this means is that Asterisk does not properly handle:
>* Files that have audio and video streams contained within
>* Video files without accompanying audio

>This is one of those times where Asterisk's handling of video is not
>user-friendly and in general ass-backwards and terrible. If you have a
>tool that can extract the audio to its own file, then you would be able
>to run your scenario, presumably.

>It would be a welcome addition for Asterisk to be able to open a single
>file containing video and accompanying audio and be able to play those back.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply...
I just tried what you suggested on only got audio. I created a wav file and
put it in the /tmp
directory just like the video.h264 file. So /tmp has video.h264 and
video.wav both.
I then placed the call and only heard the audio from the wav file.

I used this for my call file:
Channel: SIP/2002
Context: testing
Extension: 999999
Priority: 1
Application: Playback
Codecs: h263,h264,vp8,g722,ulaw,alaw,wav
Data: /tmp/video

My Bria 4 softphone uses the h263 and h264 codecs and of course wav file
Based on your look of the code did I miss something to trigger the playing
of the video file?
I can extract the audio out to a seperate file - so not a show stopper for

No errors showed up on the Asterisk CLI when I did my test.

Thanks so much,

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