[asterisk-users] I think this is a bug (video call file) 11.25.1 and 13.13.1

Jerry Geis jerry.geis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 18:01:39 CST 2016

>Hi Jerry,
> just had a look through the code, and from what I can tell, what
>you're trying to do is not supposed to work, exactly. It appears that
>what Asterisk expects is to be given a filename, such as "myplayback".
>Asterisk will first search for an audio version of the file (like
>myplayback.gsm or myplayback.opus), and open that as an audio stream. If
>that succeeds, it then will also see if there is an accompanying video
>stream (such as myplayback.h264). If it then finds that video, then the
>result will be that Asterisk will play the audio from the audio file and
>the video from the video file.

>What this means is that Asterisk does not properly handle:
>* Files that have audio and video streams contained within
>* Video files without accompanying audio

>This is one of those times where Asterisk's handling of video is not
>user-friendly and in general ass-backwards and terrible. If you have a
>tool that can extract the audio to its own file, then you would be able
>to run your scenario, presumably.

>It would be a welcome addition for Asterisk to be able to open a single
>file containing video and accompanying audio and be able to play those back.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply...
I just tried what you suggested on only got audio. I created a wav file and
put it in the /tmp
directory just like the video.h264 file. So /tmp has video.h264 and
video.wav both.
I then placed the call and only heard the audio from the wav file.

I used this for my call file:
Channel: SIP/2002
Context: testing
Extension: 999999
Priority: 1
Application: Playback
Codecs: h263,h264,vp8,g722,ulaw,alaw,wav
Data: /tmp/video

My Bria 4 softphone uses the h263 and h264 codecs and of course wav file
Based on your look of the code did I miss something to trigger the playing
of the video file?
I can extract the audio out to a seperate file - so not a show stopper for

No errors showed up on the Asterisk CLI when I did my test.

Thanks so much,

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