[asterisk-users] Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 does not register

Yves yves030 at gmx.de
Mon Dec 19 09:26:34 CST 2016


I am pulling my hair for days now...

I can´t get a PolyCom SoundStation IP 6000 (Conferencephone) to register 
with my Asterisk.

There are no SIP Packets arriving at my asterisk at all... and it has 
nothing to do with a firewall or similar...

Simple Question:
Does anybody have a running SoundStation IP 6000 registerd with asterisk?
If so... would you please be so kind to tell me whats wrong with my setup?

SIP-user: 165

(the SIP-Settings on asterisk-side are OK, tested with a normal 
Softphone... registering and placing calls is no problem...)

The phone-log only says: "Registration failed User: 165, Error Code:480 
Temporarily not available"

I tried with newest firmware, resetting to factory 100 times, using a 
provisionig file (which the SoundStation correctly downloads)
but it is always the same... the SoundStation does not contact the 
asterisk for registering...

Telefonmodell 	SoundStation IP 6000
Teilenummer 	3111-15600-001 Rev:W
MAC-Adresse 	00:04:F2:07:0C:D3

I can ping the phone from the asterisk, the phone can reach the asterisk 
server (as it downloads the tftp files, if used with
a provisioning profile), so the route and everything is correct... I 
even connected another Hardphone on the same cable
that stuck in the Polycom... no problem... the other phone can register 
and works, so there is really no cable or firewall
related problem here... it must be a setting!

thank you

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