[asterisk-users] How does registrations look like on a stun-enabled system ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 15:45:14 CST 2016


I'm currently studying STUN on new 13.13.1 setup. As I'm planning to
backport my findings to older Asterisk setups, I'm focusing on SIP stack,
at the moment, leaving PJSIP alone.

I always thought STUN could be an alternative to externip/externhost
setting so that, if properly configured my Asterisk box would send, for
instance, REGISTER messages similar to those sent with externip.

Turning on SIP debug, I'm seeing that my Asterisk box still uses private IP
address within REGISTER contact header:
Contact: <sip:s at>

I was expecting to observe my STUN-acquired public address:
Contact: <sip:s at>

Before diging into this, I would like to ask: are my expectations are
correct ?

Best regards
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