[asterisk-users] How to remove unused custom hints?

Tomas Holy holy at interconnect.cz
Mon Aug 15 11:42:57 CDT 2016

Hello list members,
after programing of dialplan I have some messy Custom:hints which I can see in 'devstate list'. I didn't find any possibility how to remove this hints from Asterisk and I want remove them. 

Can you help me with that, please? I tried search about that something in documentation or on Google, but I didn't find anything. 

asterisk*CLI> devstate list  
--- Custom Device States -------------------------------------------- 
--- Name: 'Custom:queuememberCALLERID(num)'  State: 'RINGING' 
--- Name: 'Custom:queuememberh'  State: 'NOT_INUSE' 
--- Name: 'Custom:queuemembers'  State: 'INUSE' 

Thank you

Have a nice day!

S pozdravem

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