[asterisk-users] Asterisk 11.23.0 on CentOS6 : how to get ICE support ?

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Thu Aug 11 09:40:33 CDT 2016

My main reason not to upgrade to Ast 13 is because I'm afraid of losing 
functionality as there are certain functions deprecated/replaced. This 
can also cause headache :-)

I will do so if there is no other option.

But still, I don't see why Ast 13 would differ so much in this case ? If 
ICE and NAT is working (not causing problems) why should Ast 13 bring me 
audio and Ast 12 don't ??

I indeed use SIPML5 demo as quick test-case. So do many tutorials on the 

Self-signed certificates should be OK as long as they are imported in 
the browser. Never knew this could cause audio problems ?

Kind regards.

On 11-08-16 16:25, Jonathan H wrote:
> I'm genuinely fascinated why you are insisting on using a version of 
> Asterisk almost 3 years old, for which EOL support ended last year.
> Is there any particular reason you cannot or will not use the current 
> version as others have suggested?
> Also, I see you are using Doubango and WebRTC, but in the logs, I see 
> WS and WSS.
> You NEED to be using 100% WSS otherwise you've not got a hope in hell 
> of anything working with WEBRTC.
> Check the console of the web browser you are trying to make the call 
> from (CTRL-SHIFT-I in Chrome on Windows, for example).
> Also, you'll need to be using valid certificates - self-signed 
> certificates won't work for any current implementation of WebRTC that 
> I know of, certainly not if anything involves current versions of 
> Chrome or Firefox. That said, LetsEncrypt certs work fine for this, so 
> no need to spend out on one.
> Switch to Asterisk 13.10 and save yourself a whole lotta headache.
> On 11 August 2016 at 15:09, Jonas Kellens <jonas.kellens at telenet.be 
> <mailto:jonas.kellens at telenet.be>> wrote:
>     Hello
>     Using Asterisk 12.8.2.
>     On 10-08-16 22:03, Matt Fredrickson wrote:
>         My suggestion is to verify and debug against Asterisk 13
>         first, and
>         then you can try backing down versions, rather than reverse. 
>         WebRTC
>         is a rapidly moving target, and has required ongoing changes
>         that may
>         not have made it into older and feature frozen versions of
>         Asterisk.

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