[asterisk-users] Is Confbridge performance < Meetme performance

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I built a conference server for a customer using the app_konference Asterisk
module. He routinely has 75+ users in a conference and the load average
doesn't go above 1.00. Just a thought.

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I did some tests with Asterisk 11.19.0 and Confbridge. I've wanting to
migrate from Meetme to Confbridge for a long time now.

For two participants in a conference - one actual call and one local channel
that are recording - the cpu sits at 20%. The result was the same with
res_timing_pthread and res_timing_timerfd. For 15 calls the cpu sits at
200%. (res_timing_pthread)

This is a Xeon E5620 @ 2.40GHz server, and with Meetme/Dahdi the load for
this was hardly noticeable.

Kernel: 2.6.32-openvz-042stab111.11-amd64, Debian 7 OpenVZ HN, with Debian 7
VE. And as I said - with Meetme in the same server you can barley notice the
load. And with Confbridge it jumps to 20%...

Any idea why Confbridge comes with such a performance hit?


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