[asterisk-users] accept DMTF tone during ringing

hadi almarzuki2011 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 11 11:45:43 CST 2015

For what channel driver, and what use case?

It's my understanding that in the traditional telephone network (ISDN/SS7/analog), prior to a call being answered, you were not necessarily guaranteed a two way media path.  Sometimes it was available (there are few stories of large companies who somehow talked their telco provider into allowing it so users could traverse their IVR prior to a billable answer) but I don't *think* it's guaranteed.

>From a SIP standpoint, there are many ways it could not work as well, depending on the type of DTMF being sent.  If you're using inband DTMF of any sort (audio inband or RFC2833-ish) if you don't have a bidirectional media path established through NATs and such, you could miss digits as well.

Hi Matthew,

Think you for your replay and clarification.

I solved my problem.

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