[asterisk-users] Signaling incoming call

jg webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de
Sun May 31 03:26:23 CDT 2015

> Finally I got my Asterisk works with my two phones...
> It was a problem on my Firewall (for the phone of my wife) and on my Dialplan
> (for forwarding calls).
> Now all works as expected, at least in the simulation I did with AsteriskNOW.
> Hopefully it will work later, when Deutsche Telekom changes my ISDN to VoIP...
> Well, now I have some time to spend with "fooling"...
> My phone will receive calls from 3 numbers. All that was done in my dialplan.
> Now, it would be nice, if I can signaling on the phone which number will be
> called, so that, for example, if I receive a call for +493511111111 I get a
> message on the display or the phone ring with a particular tone, and if I
> receive a call for +493512222222 the phone write something other on the
> display or ring with another tone.
> Is it possible? Maybe it depends from phone... I use a Thomson ST2022.
I don't know your phones, but there are multiple ways to achieve that. By far the easiest method 
is to work with multiple SIP identities. You can adjust quite a few parameters, like display 
text, ring tone, timings, forwarding ....

While you are busy with this, you can add additional accounts that operate as intercoms (baby 
monitors) so you don't have to wait for an answer. Interesting exercise, but might disturb peace 
in the house.

If your phone supports only a single identity, then you have to adjust caller ids, etc with 


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