[asterisk-users] Strange and complete failure of Asterisk 1.8

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Fri May 29 09:53:41 CDT 2015

Re: Strange and complete failure of Asterisk 1.8 (Duncan Turnbull)
Re: Strange and complete failure of Asterisk 1.8 (Markus Weiler)

Thanks Marcus & Duncan

Pulled the machine and replaced it with a brand new one. Same network and
same DNS server active there.

New system is running the same Asterisk ( and the same Centos, same
Asterisk config files - still running beautifully since yesterday.

Got the sick system at our lab now and pulling it apart - even isolated from
the LAN (e. g. with no access at all to a DNS server) it still is exhibiting
the same problem.

Connecting it to the LAN with our HeadOffice DNS server present (which also
serves our "live" HO asterisk) it still exhibits the problem.

But thanks anyway, if it happens again well just pull the live system and
replace from the ready-reserve we maintain of already configured Ast boxes.

I'll keep digging awhile with the sick system and see if I can come up with
something, will focus on DNS - thanks for the pointers!

Kind regards


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