[asterisk-users] Re-INVITE and bridge breakage

Luca Pradovera luca.pradovera at gmail.com
Fri May 15 13:21:51 CDT 2015

as a variation of our issues with Adhearsion calls dropping when an INVITE
comes in for a bridged call, I now have a new issue to contend with.

Our call is in an AsyncAGI application, and has been bridged to another
The provider that supplies the DID sends a polling reINVITE every 15
minutes (it's a documented Metaswitch behavior amongst others).
The reINVITE is seen as a new offer by Adhearsion, which then drops the
call on trying to re-bridge the two channels.

Is there any way to specify that reINVITEs are not to be accepted at the
Asterisk level?


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