[asterisk-users] "Retransmission Timeout" results in dropped calls after 32 seconds

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Wed May 13 10:10:25 CDT 2015

Andrew Martin wrote:
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> Most noteworthy is that the phone seems to send the OK for cseq 103, but it
> seems that the asterisk server never received this OK, which is why it kept
> re-transmitting the INVITE (103). Is this OK supposed to go to the asterisk
> server, or to the other phone? If it is supposed to go to the asterisk server,
> I suppose the explanation could be network turbulence prevented this OK from
> getting back to the server - does this seem like what happened? If so, what
> should be happening differently to ensure that this call doesn't get dropped?

The traffic is between the phone and Asterisk. As to why, I have no 
idea. The packets aren't getting to Asterisk - that's all I can say. I 
doubt it's network turbulence. Likely getting lost/blocked somewhere.

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