[asterisk-users] How to make asterisk work with remote mysql database?

jg webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de
Thu May 7 12:52:31 CDT 2015

> I am trying to make asterisk 11.7 work on Ubuntu 12 (amd64). I would like asterisk to not use 
> the inbuilt sqlite database. Instead, I want it use a remote mysql database. Is this possible 
> ? If yes, is there any good HowTo on this ?
> Running 'make install' installed my asterisk successfully, but no conf files were copied to 
> /etc/asterisk. Nor was a service start script placed in /etc/init.d. Is there normal ? fixable?
> One additional problem is that, after installation, the CLI has no odbc command. Why could 
> this be ? I suspect that for asterisk to work with remote mysql database, odbc functionality 
> needs to be fully workable.
Installed from sources or from packages? If you install from sources you must make sure that the 
ODBC parts, dev stuff as well, must be installed. When you add something to your system, you 
also need to run ./configure again. Then try "make menuselect" to check your configuration. If 
you cannot select an item, there are usually hints on what the resource depends.


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