[asterisk-users] DPMA - Asterisk Realtime

Robert Broyles robert at webservicesaz.com
Thu May 7 09:30:57 CDT 2015

Thanks for the update.

As an Authorized Digium Reseller - it's difficult for me to sell Digium 
phones if the customer can't use the cool features it comes with. They 
can purchase a standard IP Phone (which is what Digium phones are 
without DPMA) from other vendors for a lower price point.

So the ability to use DPMA with Asterisk RT is very important for our 
large deployments.

Anyone willing to contribute towards a bounty for this feature?

Robert Broyles

On 5/7/15 7:14 AM, Matthew Jordan wrote:

> On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 10:43 AM, Robert Broyles 
> <robert at webservicesaz.com <mailto:robert at webservicesaz.com>> wrote:
>     We love our Digium phones and DPMA - but we really need it to work
>     on our Realtime Platform. Otherwise we lose all the cool features
>     and they are just standard SIP phones.
>     Anyone working on a solution for this? Or anyone from Digium see
>     this on the roadmap?
> Hey Robert -
> We've had a number of requests to have the DPMA work more closely with 
> Asterisk Realtime. Right now, that feature isn't planned for an 
> upcoming scheduled release, but we do keep track of requests such as 
> this. We've made a note of it, and we'll keep evaluating it versus 
> other planned and requested features.
> Thanks -
> Matt
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