[asterisk-users] Recommendations for IMAP Voicemail

Gareth Blades mailinglist+asterisk at dns99.co.uk
Wed May 6 03:18:41 CDT 2015

On 05/05/15 17:52, Olivier wrote:
> 2. From personal experience, would you rate an IMAP migration as an 
> easy or as a difficult task ?
> By IMAP migration, I mean changing from one IMAP software to another, 
> on the same or on an other box.

There is software called 'imapsync' which will sync mail from one imap 
store over to another. I have used that to migrate from one server to 
another and it was pretty painless. It took a while to do but it does it 
a mail at a time so it is something you can run while everyone is using 
the system and then right at the end you just need to do a final sync 
while voicemail is disabled.

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