[asterisk-users] Recommendations for IMAP Voicemail

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Tue May 5 11:52:43 CDT 2015


I'm currently studying what is needed to implement IMAP Voicemail with
Asterisk 11 and up.

More precisely, I would like to let users check voicemail with their
smartphone from outside (ie not connected to LAN).

My first questions are:

1. What happens if Asterisk cannot reach its configured IMAP store ? Are
voicemails locally stored in a persistent directory surviving reboots or
are they lost for ever ? Are voicemails saved back to the IMAP store
whenever the IMAP store is back online ?

2. From personal experience, would you rate an IMAP migration as an easy or
as a difficult task ?
By IMAP migration, I mean changing from one IMAP software to another, on
the same or on an other box.

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