[asterisk-users] Yealink t26 and T28 Panels

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Originally we used just POE but now each of the 3 panels has its own PSU

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We have a strange a strange issue at a client they have 3 panels on their 
phone and every so often the panels reboot themselves yet the phone stays 

We decided to replace the T26 for a T28 to see if it fixes the issue and 
still have the exact same issue.

Has anyone seen this before?

I frequently use the newer T48G and T46G phones with the EXP40 expansion 
module. There are issues, if you are logged into the phone via the 
webinterface as an admin. Among other things, the display is not properly 
updated and wrong numbers may get dialed. Some time ago, there was a 
firmware update and I am not aware of any stability issues at the moment.

How do you supply power? 3 expansion modules + the phone and a cheap POE 
switch could be critical. It may not be the power itself, but the correct 
handling of energy saving states.


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