[asterisk-users] situation with ivr and four-channel gateway

ricky gutierrez xserverlinux at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 16:52:06 CST 2015

2015-02-26 10:45 GMT-06:00 A J Stiles <asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk>:
> You just need to use call groups.
> In your chan_extra.conf  (if it's an OpenVox)  or chan_dahdi.conf, add
> something like
>   group=1
> to the definition for each span.
> Now in the  [globals]  section of your dialplah, have something like
> for an OpenVox card, or
> for other makes.  Now you need your Dial() statements to be something like
>   Dial(${MOBILE}/${EXTEN},180
> Calls will then be made by trying each span in turn until an available one is
> found.  So if you have an incoming call on span 1, Asterisk will try spans 2,
> 3 and 4 in turn before giving up.  It also will remember which span it used
> last, and start with the next one next time; so the calls should be
> distributed roughly evenly across your SIMs.
> For more information about this  (and some other modes you can use which do
> slightly different things than "r"),  see
>   http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+ZAP+channels
> (yes, it refers to Zaptel; but the syntax is the same for DAHDI and EXTRA
> channels).
Hi A J , I have a sangoma gsm gateway "4"channels  , not use chan dahdi


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