[asterisk-users] situation with ivr and four-channel gateway

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Thu Feb 26 10:45:01 CST 2015

On Wednesday 25 Feb 2015, ricky gutierrez wrote:
> I have a gw  wiht 4 port gsm , my provider gives me 4 lines and one of
> them is the main , the problem is that all my incoming calls using
> this number and is always busy , and the other three are always free,
> it is possible that the call is transferred to another channel?
> Channel 1 : XXXXXXX1 "Main Number"
> Channel 2 : XXXXXXX2 "other"
> Channel 3 : XXXXXXX3 "other"
> Channel 4 : XXXXXXX4 "other"

You just need to use call groups.

In your chan_extra.conf  (if it's an OpenVox)  or chan_dahdi.conf, add 
something like
to the definition for each span.

Now in the  [globals]  section of your dialplah, have something like
for an OpenVox card, or
for other makes.  Now you need your Dial() statements to be something like

Calls will then be made by trying each span in turn until an available one is 
found.  So if you have an incoming call on span 1, Asterisk will try spans 2, 
3 and 4 in turn before giving up.  It also will remember which span it used 
last, and start with the next one next time; so the calls should be 
distributed roughly evenly across your SIMs.

For more information about this  (and some other modes you can use which do 
slightly different things than "r"),  see
(yes, it refers to Zaptel; but the syntax is the same for DAHDI and EXTRA 


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