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On Wednesday 25 Feb 2015, Thufir wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Feb 2015 13:05:56 -0700, Harry McGregor wrote:
> Hypothetical:  lag, choppy connection, dropped calls.  Of course, I'd
> start with checking logs.  How would I establish that the problem is that
> (some) of the ports aren't gigabit?

Any port with a hardware SIP phone plugged into it almost certainly won't be 
gigabit  :)  Anyway, an uncompressed  (A-law or micro-law)  voice connection 
is only using 64 000 bits per second.  Compressed formats use even less 
bandwidth.  The SIP signalling adds a bit of an overhead, but not much.  
That's probably why most SIP phones have only 100 or even 10 meg ports.

> Small office, about five agents.

To be honest, you'll probably be fine with a £9.99, 8-port TP-link switch -- 
but then you'll need power packs on all your phones  (we power ours this way, 
and find it helps to reinforce the concept of the phones being unlike analogue 
POTS phones).  There will already be mains there for the computers and 

If you want a PoE switch specifically to remove the need for a power pack on 
each phone, just add up your requirements for power and ports; double them, to 
allow for the future; then find switches that meet these minimum requirements, 
and buy the cheapest-but-one.

The limiting factor with a switch carrying IP telephony traffic is not 
bandwidth, but routing table entries; and even cheap switches nowadays will 
usually take 1024 entries, if not 4096.


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