[asterisk-users] snom devices specifically PA1

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Thu Feb 19 11:53:52 CST 2015

I have a snom PA1, works fine.
I am trying to get it work with multicast and asterisk 11.16
my other devices are accepting multicast.

When I enable multicast on the browser interface and enter the IP: port
it works.

However - when I enter that data on the TFTP config file - it is not

I used the setting tab - export the config file, used that file
and other settings work - like the extension  - but just not the multicast

relevant part of file:
<multicast_listen perm="">on</multicast_listen>
<mc_address idx="1" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="2" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="3" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="4" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="5" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="6" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="7" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="8" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="9" perm=""  ></mc_address>
<mc_address idx="10" perm="" ></mc_address>

any one run into this?

Any ideas?

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