[asterisk-users] BlindXfer Sensitivity

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Mon Feb 16 09:11:11 CST 2015

> Hi Guys
> We have a client running on a polycom vvx400 IP phone on our 
> asterisk 1.8.18 system
> The issue we have is the switchboard lady uses ## to transfer calls 
> but sometimes it just does not work and just plays the DTMF tone to 
> the calling party.
> Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of the blindxfer feature?
> The polycom Transfer button is useless  as there is a big delay 
> until it apprears
> I would greatly appreciate any advice

It seems weird that this would be some kind of sensitivity to the DTMF 
tones. The first thing I would look for is on a call that she cannot blind 
transfer, check how the Dial command was used to reach her. Does it have 
the proper use of the tT options (depending on whether she called them or 
they called her)? I would almost bet there is a call path that occurs 
which doesn't have the proper options set to allow the transfer.
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