[asterisk-users] IAX2 trunk with on demand Internet link

spartan1833 at hushmail.com spartan1833 at hushmail.com
Sun Feb 1 18:16:42 CST 2015

Hi, I'm connecting 2 Asterisk servers with an IAX2 trunk. Trunk works
fine in testing, no problems there but the Internet at server-A is an
"on-demand" system that is based on the amount of http/https traffic
going through it (or if the link is brought up manually/via scripting
interface). As such there will be times that the link is
down....workflow-wise this is not an issue (trunk for a specific
purpose) but are there any issues with how IAX2 will behave?
Specifically, when the link comes up will the IAX2 trunk reconnect
automatically? If so, how long will it take for the trunk to reconnect
(high-speed, low-latency link)? If it won't come up reliably, does
anyone have suggestions on methods to force an IAX2 reload, etc.?
Making the link full-time is not an option so I'm trying to work out
how to ensure that when the link is up, the trunk is up. I know, seems
a bit weird in today's Internet for an on-demand link but that's where
we stand - any help appreciated.  Thanks in advance....
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