[asterisk-users] I'm not able to register Softphone(X-lite) in asterisk(Which is installed in EC2 Cloud).

Helvio Junior helvio.listas at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 05:55:36 CDT 2015

Hi Akhilesh,

SIP protocol use port 5060 (default) and many other ports to stablish 
calls. You need to check if there is AWS firewall rule that allow your 
communication from your client external IP and your AWS host.

Also, think in use IAX intead of SIP, because SIP protocol has many 
trouble when used with NAT, also IAX protocol use only one port (4569) 
to everything. When i need allow external clients (throught NAT or not) 
i used to use IAX.

If you want i can help you in your environment (SIP or IAX).

Hélvio Junior
SafeId - Gestão de identidades e Acessos
+55 41 | 9893-2694, single-sign-on.com.br
helvio.junior at safetrend.com.br

On 24/04/2015 06:35, akhilesh chand wrote:
> Hi Guenther,
> Thanks for ur reply I have concern from long time I'm not able to 
> login through softphone with AWS Cloud.Please let me know is there any 
> document or guide line for the same.
> Regards
> Akhilesh

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