[asterisk-users] chan_dahdi.c: Don't know what to do with frame type '10'

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Tue Apr 21 09:20:56 CDT 2015

> Frame type '10' is a CNG (Comfort Noise Generation) frame. This is a
> frame that, instead of carrying audio, carries a command to for the
> receiver to generate "comfort noise" for a length of time to the
> local user.
> chan_dahdi is not currently capable of generating comfort noise in
> response to receiving one of these frames.
> I think it's safe to ignore them.  Alternatively, if the comfort
> noise packets are generated from SIP endpoints that you have control
> over, you could see if there are any options to disable generation
> of those frames.


Thank you!

I accidentally deleted you messages, so I just copied it from mail list 
this will break thread :-(

Today I found that we receive such frames during call to/from mobile phones,
so these messages are really harmless.

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