[asterisk-users] How to append the recording file.

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    How about recording the call calling it whatever you want, and then using a custom AGI script to append the call to the original one? That’s how I would do it if it were me. 




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Hi All,

I am trying to record the call using MixMonitor.

What i want to do is-

when first time a call is made to some number say 1100, a new file (1100.wav) is created.

When call is made 2nd or 3rd time, no new file is created instead call recording is appended to file created in above step.


Now I know that 'a' option is used to append the recording to a file but I couldn't find any example on how to use it?

Also if I use 'a' option and file doesn't exist then is it created or it is error?


Any suggestions please?

Anurag Rana 


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