[asterisk-users] Multicast AMI?

jg webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de
Tue Sep 23 08:05:22 CDT 2014


Maybe I have overlooked something, but I am sort of facing the following problem. I always used 
the AMI interface to allow (older) client programs on Windows to use their TAPI client code in 
order to communicate with Asterisk servers. The functionality is basically minimal as only 
incoming calls need to get detected and there are occasional outgoing ones.

For the outgoing calls, a regular AMI connection is fine, but having a lot of machines (> 20) 
maintaining separate TCP connection, just to listen to some events seems to be too much effort. 
Does a (read-only) multicast for relevant events make any sense (except for data protection issues)?

I am considering writing a small proxy that does exactly that with correspondig changes for my 
Telephony Service Provider (TSP). Would it make any sense to implement this as an option for the 
Asterisk program? Basically, Actions and Action responses via TCP and Events via multicast?


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