[asterisk-users] Fwd: Identifying the multiple cards Digium TE820

George Karagheaur george.karagheaur at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 06:11:49 CDT 2014

Hello all!
We have 4 pieces TE820 cards in one server.
How we can define via settings on server, which card is number 1, which is
number 2, which is number 3 and which is number 4?
Because if later we add for example 2 cards more in the server, the cards
can change their position. for example card 1 will become other
number/position, and all dahdi/chan_dahdi settings will require

As i know in other cards, for example in TE420 it was possible to be done
via ident wheel.

Can somebody advice on this topic how to do it?

Best regards,
George Karagheaur
Skype: george.karagheaur
Email george.karagheaur at gmail.com
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