[asterisk-users] SIP call drops after 32 seconds, but only when....

Marie Fischer marie at vtl.ee
Wed Nov 26 22:31:37 CST 2014

On 22.11.2014, at 13:40, Yves A. <yves030 at gmx.de> wrote:
> I have a really strange problem which is driving me crazy for days now.
> If I register my asterisk (tried all versions from 1.6 up to 13.x) with one sip registrar,
> everything works... calls go out and call come in... no 32 seconds limit.
> but as soon as I configure another sip registration on another server, outgoing
> calls  drop after 32 seconds.

Do a 'sip set debug on' and see what they (Asterisk and the registrar) are talking about just before the call drops.



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