[asterisk-users] One way audio internal

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Fri Nov 21 05:50:02 CST 2014

On Friday 21 Nov 2014, Andrew Colin wrote:
> I am using the free g729

OK, so there shouldn't be any licencing problems  (unless for some reason your 
Asterisk is wanting to use the paid-for g.729 aot the Free one.  Look at the 
CLI output very, very carefully to see if this might be happening).

Did it ever work properly?  If your kernel, C library or some other 
fundamental system component has been updated since you installed g.729, then 
it might have been broken by the upgrade.  Navigating to the folder with the 
Source Code and re-running `make` followed by `make install` ought to fix it.

But why are you using g.729 anyway?  What special reason have you for doing it 
differently than the rest of the world?


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