[asterisk-users] Upgraded to 13 and now "Mailbox" is empty in sip show peers

John Novack jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org
Thu Nov 20 17:55:50 CST 2014

Eric Wieling wrote:
> I doubt the person cares, if you don't like people top posting then stop reading their messages.  If someone top posts, nothing you do will make them stop top posting.   Complaining about something you cannot change just wastes everyone's time.    I have a rule which deletes messages with "top post" in them so I don't usually see these silly messages.
Some might even say that the constant complaining about top posting, expecting different results, is a definition of insanity!

Some of the same folks who constantly complain about top posting will leave many many footers from the list in place, which makes the "neatly flowing conversation" nearly impossible.

Peg Leg O'Brien

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