[asterisk-users] Upgraded to 13 and now "Mailbox" is empty in sip show peers

Jayson Baker jayson at spectrasurf.com
Tue Nov 18 18:36:53 CST 2014

Using realtime for SIP.
Using standard DB schema.
Tried mailbox as varchar(50) and bigint(10)
"sip show peer XXX" shows "Mailbox: " (empty)
So MWI isn't working
This happened before when we tried to go up to 1.8, so we stayed at 1.4
We're forced to go to 13 now.  Obviously a lack of MWI is a big issue for
500 units.

Any idea why we're not getting it?
We're tried filling it into MySQL like "xxx at context" or just "xxx"
No matter what, it doesn't work.

Or maybe some how to debug/diagnose this?

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