[asterisk-users] E1 - Cisco - Asterisk and vice verso

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Fri Nov 14 16:57:18 CST 2014

> > Hi,
> >
> > Change my Dynastar E1 gateway to Cisco with E1 module, but can't make
> > easiest dialplan. All my routing i made on asterisk, so i need that 
> > all calls from E1 send via sip to Asterisk and all calls came from 
> > by sip send to E1. From E1 to Asterisk already work, but can't 
> > how send all from Asterisk SIP to E1 ?
> >
> > Can you help ?
> If you are taking SIP calls into Asterisk and want to send them out
> E1, you need an Asterisk-compatible E1 board, such as:

I think, though I am not for sure, that he is asking how to route a call 
from Asterisk to the Cisco device that is acting as the gateway (i.e. the 
E1 is connected to the Cisco and will only be speaking SIP to Asterisk). 

We had a similar setup before we replaced the Cisco with Digium Gateways. 
Basically we just set up a peer in asterisk with the IP address of the 
Cisco and routed external calls to it. The Cisco then actually placed the 
calls to the PSTN. Pretty painless, though sometimes a bit confusing to 
remember that if there were issues, you might have to check dialing rules 
in both Asterisk and in the Cisco. 
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