[asterisk-users] How to find RTP address of ongoing call?

Bryan Burroughs bryanburroughs at charter.net
Sat Nov 8 13:30:47 CST 2014

Not sure if this helps but I've used the following in my dialplan in the 

     ;Get MTA IP from SIP header
     ;same => n,Verbose(2,rtpdest = ${CHANNEL(rtpdest)})

you'll see something like the following in the logs:

[Nov  8 13:29:05]   == rtpdest =

not sure how to do it via CLI though.

Bryan Burroughs

On 11/08/2014 07:57 AM, Markus wrote:
> Hi list,
> probably this is a FAQ but I can't seem to find it. How to find the 
> RTP IP address of an ongoing SIP call?
> "sip show channels" seems to list the RTP address under the very left 
> column called "Peer". And it also lists the associated "Call ID" which 
> I could associate with a call by executing sip show channel <Call ID> 
> and before figuring out the Channel by running core show channels 
> concise, but the issue is that the Call ID output from sip show 
> channels is cut off and limited to 16 characters.
> Thanks!
> Markus

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