[asterisk-users] "transmit_silence" not properly recognized on 1.8 ?

Maximilian Grobecker m.grobecker at portunity.de
Sat May 24 15:03:23 CDT 2014


I've got a problem at the moment, that setting "transmit_silence = yes"
seems to have no effect on Asterisk 1.8-Certified.

Although it's enabled and "core show settings" confirms, that it is
really enabled, there are no RTP packets sent by Asterisk when waiting
for DMTF input or when "Wait()" is called.
Also, there seems to be a small gap of 2 or 3 not sent packets when
playing several files one after another.

At the moment I'm using Asterisk 1.8 Certified (Cert 5).

In asterisk.conf I've set:

highpriority = yes
languageprefix = yes
internal_timing = yes
defaultlanguage = de

transmit_silence = yes
transcode_via_sln = yes
documentation_language = en_US

"core show settings" says:

PBX Core settings
  Version:                     1.8.15-cert5
  Build Options:               DONT_OPTIMIZE, LOADABLE_MODULES,
  Maximum calls:               Not set
  Maximum open file handles:   Not set
  Verbosity:                   8
  Debug level:                 0
  Maximum load average:        0.000000
  Minimum free memory:         0 MB
  Startup time:                21:29:18
  Last reload time:            21:29:18
  System:                      Linux/3.2.0-4-amd64 built by root on
x86_64 2014-05-24 18:42:53 UTC
  System name:
  Entity ID:                   00:25:xx:xx:xx:xx
  Default language:            de
  Language prefix:             Enabled
  User name and group:         xxxx / xxxxxxx
  Executable includes:         Disabled
  Transcode via SLIN:          Enabled
  Internal timing:             Enabled
  Transmit silence during rec: Enabled
  Generic PLC:                 Enabled

Is there anything I could do for forcing transmitting silence without
stopping sending RTP packets?
Maybe this would solve the "issue" with the packet gaps between
playbacks also.


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