[asterisk-users] Into queue the caller doesn't hear the ringing

Andreas Sikkema h323 at ramdyne.nl
Sat May 17 08:19:21 CDT 2014

On 17/05/14 08:44 , Danilo Dionisi wrote:

> [latina_open]
> exten => s,1,Verbose( ** FILIALE DI LATINA APERTA.)
> same => n(menu),Background(risponditore-filiali/Latina/ivr)
> same => n,Waitexten(5)

> [latina_close]
> exten => s,1,Verbose( ** FILIALE DI LATINA CHIUSA.)
> same => n,Queue(coda_ivr-latina_close-${QUEUE},r) /_--> the ringing works!_
> /same => n,Hangup()*

In latina_open you first play a WAV file, and then go to the queue, in
latina_close you go directly to the queue. That probably explains the
difference between the two situations.

I've never played much with the Queue command so I don't know if there's
a flag that is needed to add ringing from the Queue command or that a
simple additional Ringing command in latina_open might help.

Andreas Sikkema

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