[asterisk-users] Polycom 4.1.6 BLF/URL Dialing

David Wessell david at ringfree.biz
Sun Mar 30 08:25:35 CDT 2014

I've just deployed several VVX 600's with the Color Expansion Module.
And I'm having a minor issue with them.

Intermittently when a call comes into a ring group the user is
presented with the call pickup option associated with a BLF entry. Not
the normal answer/reject option.

I've explicitly disabled the call appearance feature that should allow
this pop up:


To further confuse the issue when the call pickup option is presented
it's presented in the manner of a URL call sip:ext at pbx. Not the normal
PSTN caller ID: NPANXXXXXX. However URL dialing is disabled.

 <feature.urlDialing feature.urlDialing.enabled="0">

Has anyone run across this so far with Polycom's new 4.1.6 release?

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