[asterisk-users] handset forwarding Diversion header cannot be set on Local channels

Al lists asteriskal at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 21:53:37 CDT 2014

is there anyway to change Sip headers in local channels?
if a user sets forward on their handset, calls coming in to the handset get
diversion header added:
Diversion: "202" <sip:202 at>;reason=deflection

Then asterisk sends the call to local channel:
- Now forwarding SIP/201-00000483 to 'Local/3333333333 at test' (thanks to

and not all Telco providers handle diversion header gracefully, some dont
like to see "202" in header.

i tried to set the sip header in target "3333333333 at test" but asterisk
see's this as local channel and wont do sip add header:
WARNING[13584]: chan_sip.c:20562 func_header_read: This function can only
be used on SIP channels.

is there anyway around this?
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