[asterisk-users] Strange call transfer problem.

Mike Diehl mdiehlenator at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 00:23:14 CDT 2014

Hi again,

I've got a user who's using a bunch of Grandstream GXP2xxx's.  For the most
part, they work, except for when they try to do a phone-based call transfer.

Here's what it looks like is happening:

Phone A is on a call with phone B.   (B could be another phone, or a PSTN

The user on phone A hits the phones transfer button.
The user on phone B hears moh, as they should.
When the user on phone A dials a number, the Asterisk server sees the dial
come in as though it came from phone B.

This really dorks up my call routing.

I really need the transfer dial to come from phone A.  What can I do?  I
really dread putting each phone into their own context and parameterizing
their ID...

Any ideas?

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