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John Novack jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org
Thu Mar 13 21:15:03 CDT 2014

Don Kelly wrote:
> > On 13/3/14 6:27 pm, Eric Wieling wrote:
> > > This is an example of why I top post.   Who wrote what?
> >
> > Of course, if you use a mail client that's capable of quoting correctly,
> > it all works beautifully.
> >
> Kevin Larson sez:
> Outlook can quote correctly, but it is an all or nothing setting it would appear. Lotus Notes actually handles it better as there is a Reply option for normal email and a Reply With Internet-Style History that I use for this list. I don't have any problems following the rules of the list, but I am fully on the side of the "Replies should go at the top" group and would vote for a change in the rules.
> I’ll vote again for top posting, and expect my vote to be recognized “internationally” about as much as the Crimean referendum.
> --Don
As an interesting aside, the oft quoted rule #5 didn't exist for many years, until one of these diatribes took place. Then, and only then, was it added and the contention made that it was always there.
Many of the same who continue to carp on top posting are the worst offenders when it comes to trimming the footers that arrive with each message, forcing  the reader to wade through many of these to ( sometimes ) find a reply or maybe, just maybe, an answer. Often it isn't worth the effort to scroll through all the crap to find the pony.

John Novack


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