[asterisk-users] Replying to Posts

Don Kelly dk at donkelly.biz
Thu Mar 13 20:32:31 CDT 2014

> On 13/3/14 6:27 pm, Eric Wieling wrote:
> > This is an example of why I top post.   Who wrote what?
> Of course, if you use a mail client that's capable of quoting correctly, 
> it all works beautifully.

Kevin Larson sez:

Outlook can quote correctly, but it is an all or nothing setting it would
appear. Lotus Notes actually handles it better as there is a Reply option
for normal email and a Reply With Internet-Style History that I use for this
list. I don't have any problems following the rules of the list, but I am
fully on the side of the "Replies should go at the top" group and would vote
for a change in the rules. 


I'll vote again for top posting, and expect my vote to be recognized
"internationally" about as much as the Crimean referendum.




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