[asterisk-users] How to manage remote agents with Queue

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 06:17:56 CDT 2014


I've got a small install with Asterisk 11.
This box is connected to PSTN through a SIP trunk.

I need to add a cellular phone as a remote agent of an existing queue.

At the moment, this queue is configured according a ringall strategy and
busy agent can be dialed.

My plan is :
1- to create a remote-agent context and insert a Wait statement into it so
that local agents would get dialed ahead of remote agents.
2- to avoid dialing remote agents already on call (with local phones) by
hanging up calls in remote-agent context when conditions are met.
3- use local channels such as Local/123 at remote-agent

My questions relate to the above point 2.
Though I don't need at the moment, which state interface can I use to tell
Queue application a (SIP) remote agent is Busy or not ?

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