[asterisk-users] warnign

Andrey Klyukin darofff at ngs.ru
Thu Mar 13 06:00:10 CDT 2014

Vladimir Mikhelson <vlad <at> mikhelson.com> writes:

>     Hi,
>     Here is the reply from the developer as to what can be done
>     immediately to remove the offending logging.
>     "He can just ignore these messages, they say that chan_ooh323 don't
>     known indication signal 33 (AST_CONTROL_PVT_CAUSE_CODE) and
>     processing of this signal isn't mandatory.
>     If he would to remove this messages he can comment ast_log string in
>     chan_ooh323 in ooh323_indicate function on the bottom of function:
>            default:
>                     ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Don't know how to indicate
>     condition %d on %s\n",
>     condition, callToken);"

Hi! Thanks a lot for your post!!!!
Have same problem with asterisk 11.8.1 + dongle.
I Have this message - "WARNING[8081][C-00000007]: channel.c:1002 
channel_indicate: [Dongle/gsm-mega-08-0100000007] Don't know how to indicate 
condition 33".
So i find a file named channel.c and comment like that - 
/*      default:
                        ast_log (LOG_WARNING, "[%s] Don't know how to 
indicate condition %d\n", ast_channel_name(channel), condition);
                        res = -1;
                        break; */  
And it's work =) Warning is gone....

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