[asterisk-users] Best approach in asterisk configuration

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Mon Jun 30 05:08:59 CDT 2014

On Monday 30 Jun 2014, sylvain GOTRI wrote:
> Hi ,
> I have asterisk 1.8.5 installed on Centos 6. Now I want to configure my
> PBX to work in my network. I see that I can do this with asterisk files
> or use database like mysql to do it (realtime)
> I want to know what is the best way and what can be consequence when I
> choose  other way ?
> Thanks.

The real question you need to be asking yourself is:  How often is my 
configuration going to change?

If you are going to be adding and removing phones and users all the time, or 
you want for users to be able to move between desks while keeping their own 
extension number independent of where they are sitting, then you would be 
better off with a configuration managed in realtime.  This also applies if you 
anticipate changing dialplan rules on anything more than an occasional basis.

If you have a traditional office setup, with phones that do not change often and 
where extension numbers are understood to refer to the phone as opposed to the 
person, and your dialling rules also are set in stone, then your configuration 
will be more stable; and you will be as well off using old-fashioned 
configuration files.


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