[asterisk-users] Asterisk 11.10.2 update breaks snom TLS transport

Heiko Wundram modelnine at modelnine.org
Mon Jun 30 04:55:58 CDT 2014

Hey all,

I've recently updated an Asterisk installation to 11.10.2 (from the 
Gentoo packaged build), and the update has (seemingly) broken TLS 
transport for snom phones (I could reproduce on snom 3x0 and 7x0 with 
8.4.3x and 8.7.x.y firmwares). What happens is that the registration to 
the PBX is successful, and inbound calls work normally (i.e., when the 
phone is being signalled that a call is coming in), but dispatching a 
call from the snom phone to the PBX makes the TLS transport "hang" 
(i.e., the PBX doesn't see any more TLS packets from the phone, and 
OPTIONS is no longer replied to). The phone then kills the TLS channel 
after a while (probably times it out) and Asterisk marks the phone as 
unreachable due to QUALIFY, and after some time (roundabout two minutes) 
the phone reconnects the TLS channel and is reachable again. I couldn't 
reproduce this behaviour with other phones (i.e., Gigaset devices which 
I also use with TLS transport).

Is this a known regression, and generally: how can I help diagnose this 
problem further for opening a bug-report, besides the description given 
above? Has anyone else encountered this and found another workaround 
besides switching to TCP/UDP-transport for the phones?

Thanks for any hints in advance!

--- Heiko Wundram.

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