[asterisk-users] Originate with Caller ID Name

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Fri Jun 27 11:13:09 CDT 2014

Is it possible to have the AMI Originate call a local extension, then configure the local extension to do something like this....
Dial some number passed in via the Originate

If so...

1)      How would I pass a value from the Originate request to the local extensions dial plan?

2)      How would I have the extension retrieve and Dial the value passed in the Originate?

3)      Will the CallerID (name <number>) that is set in the Originate still be passed through for the Dial?  Or do I need to do some additional trickery to get the name/number of the incoming call and set them as the name/number for the Dial?


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I am using AMI to Originate a call.
I have been able to get the caller id number to be passed through.
However, I can't get the name to be passed through.

A person I'm working with has a Freeswitch that is able to pass the caller id name and number through for their call.
Comparing the Asterisk SIP messages to the Freeswitch SIP messages, I have narrowed the problem down to a single value.

In the Invite, the following line is essentially identical with the exception of the screen=no.
Freeswitch caller ID name is successfully passing through but it passes screen=yes.

Remote-Party-ID: "Jane Done" <sip:8005551234 at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>;party=calling;privacy=off;screen=no

For the AMI Originate, I have been passing variables in an attempt to modify the CALLERID(name-pres).
My understanding is that a variable of "CALLERID(name-pres)=allowed_passed_screen" should result in the RPID screen setting being yes.

I have tried many different values for this variable, but the RPID line is always "screen=no".

What am I missing to force the screen=yes to be passed as part of the Remote-Party-ID?


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