[asterisk-users] Attack on Sip server.

Anurag Rana anuragrana31189 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 09:37:08 CDT 2014

Hi All.

Someone is attacking on my SIP server.
There are lot of requests coming in and I am not able to stop it because I
am unable to detect the IP address.
I used wireshark to capture the packets.

Although I am using very strong password for my SIP users but still is
there any way to drop these packets and stop this attack.

I tried dropping packet after matching some string (most of the packets
from attacker contains string 'VaxSIPUserAgent/3.1' ) but it failed.
Packets are still flowing in.

iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 5060 -m string --string
"VaxSIPUserAgent" --algo bm -j DROP

​Its something like this

Registration from '"30" <sp:30 at my_public_ip:5060> failed for
'192.168.xxx.xxx:6373' - Wrong Password​

​and there are approx 10 request per minute of this type.

Please suggest some way to stop this.​

Anurag Rana
On the trampoline of life's experiences, Striving towards a saintly life in
the midst of these materialistic turbulences.
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